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درباره موضوع در تاریخ, در دسته b4xfeed ایجاد شده و آغاز کننده آن PracticalSoftمی باشد و موضوع آن: Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator است. این موضوع تا کنون 51 بازدید کننده و, 0 پاسخ داشته و 0 بار پسندیده شده...
نام دسته b4xfeed
نام موضوع Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator
آغاز کننده موضوع PracticalSoft
تاریخ شروع
بازدیدها 51
آخرین ارسال توسط PracticalSoft
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مدیر کل انجمن
Here is an emulator for the 48 K Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which was my first computer back in the early eighties. There are already several much better emulators available (like Fuse and ZXSP to name a few), so I made this just for fun. And it really has been fun, though quite a lot of work to find all bugs in the Z80 processor emulation (there are still a few bugs lurking I'm afraid). Anyway, here it is. Any hints to make it better is much appreciated. Read the attached text file for notes on known issues, dependencies etc.

There are a few games included, and if you want to try them, you should select "Kempston joystick" when possible (in-game), which allows control via the arrow keys and space bar. Otherwise you have to figure out which keys to use. You can find lots of more games on the Internet, but the emulator only loads .sna snapshot files currently.

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نام موضوع : Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator
دسته : b4xfeed
موضوع بسته شده است و نمی‌توان پاسخ جدیدی فرستاد.
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